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A search for more than one word will find pages that contain all of the words. Use quotation marks to search for a phrase. Also use quotes for text with punctuation or special characters. Searches are case insensitive.

To limit your search to a single group, enter the group name followed by a slash at the beginning of the search string (e.g., "PmWiki/" or "Site/"). To list all pages, enter a slash for the search.

Search examples

EnterTo find pages containing
apple pieboth 'apple' and 'pie'
"apple pie"the phrase 'apple pie'
pmwiki/apple'apple' in the PmWiki group of pages
"pmwiki/apple"the phrase 'pmwiki/apple' in all groups of pages
apple -pie'apple', omitting those containing 'pie'
food -"apple pie"'food', omitting those containing 'apple pie'
apple "-pie"the words 'apple' and '-pie'
apple - pie'apple', '-', and 'pie'
"pie:"the word 'pie' with a colon
"pie=tasty"the phrase 'pie=tasty'
pmwiki/all pages in the PmWiki group

Some special characters need to be enclosed in quotes, including the colon (:), equals sign (=), less than (<), single quote (') and double quote(").

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You may search for a single keyword or for multiple keywords separated by spaces.
You may use AND, OR and NOT to refine your searches by keyword.
Use the wildcard character * for partial keyword or username matches.
By default all forums are searched. You may narrow your search by selecting one or more forums to search.

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